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C.G.C: Canine Good Citizen. An informal test of beginning obedience and socialization.

T.D.I: Therapy Dogs International. Similar to the CGC, dogs are certified by temperament and training to do pet therapy at hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

T.T: Temperament Tested. Dogs must pass the American Temperament Test Society test of temperament and socialization where his reaction to unusual sights, sounds, footing, and people who are friendly, neutral, or threatening is evaluated.

C.D: Companion Dog. An obedience title earned with passing scores in the Novice class at 3 AKC, CKC, or UKC obedience trials.

C.D.X: Companion Dog Excellent. An advanced obedience title involving jumping and retrieving earned with passing
scores in the Open class at 3 trials.

U.D: Utility Dog. A more advance obedience title involving scent discrimination and hand signals earned with 3 passing scores in the Utility class at trials.

U.D.X: Utility Dog Excellent. Earned with several passing scores in both Utility and Open class on the same day.

O.T.C.H: Obedience Trial Champion. The most difficult title, earned with many wins and placings in Open and Utility. (except in Canadian UD is called OTCH)

T.D: Tracking Dog. Earned by passing an AKC or CKC tracking test where the dog must closely follow the scent of a stranger who walked at least 440 yards across a field, at least a half an hour ago, turning several corners, and find the article left at the end.

T.D.X: Tracking Dog Excellent. Earned by passing and advanced tracking test where the track is at least 3 hours old and over 800 yards long, over varied terrain with cross tracks, obstacles and 3 articles to find.

O.F.A: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Certified free of hip dysplasia by 3 radiologists.

O.F.E.L: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Certified free of elbow dysplasia by 3 radiologist.

O.V.C: The Canadian hip certification, similar to OFA but no grade is given, just pass/fail.

W.G.S.C.H: White German Shepherd Dog Club International Champion. Dogs must earn 15 points at WGSDCI conformation shows.

W.S.C.C.C.H: White Shepherd Club Of Canada Specialty Champion. Dogs must earn 10 points at WSCC conformation shows.

R.X: Register of Excellence. Awarded by the WGSDCI for producing Champion and pointed offspring.

R.O: Register of Excellence, Obedience. Awarded by the WGSDCI for producing service dogs and/or obedience titled offspring.